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Hello, Flu Season. I'll Be Doing Qigong.

This time of year is the beginning of the holiday season. It sure can be a mixed bag of fun, connection, loneliness, food and alcohol binging, feeling great one day and feeling horrible the next. How can you keep yourself in a state of vibrant health and wellness?

A daily practice including meditation, qigong, and breath work is ideal for most people. These practices are powerful to assist the mind, body and spirit to be in a state of harmony. And you can make the time invested work with your schedule. Doing a 5 minute practice of each DAILY can have deep, impactful results. And daily practices have better results than doing an hour of each once a week. You can think of it like preparing for a marathon. Daily training helps much more than once a week!

Sweets and other inflammatory foods, as well as adult beverages, seem to be everywhere during this season. How DOES one stay healthy?. STAY MINDFUL. How DO you feel if you partake in these treats? How DO you feel when you keep your diet healthy?

Some people can have just a small sweet or drink and not be compelled to have more. For those of you, enjoy! Make sure you counter-balance by drinking lots of water and eating a lot of vegetables.

For those of you who tend to overindulge, I recommend stopping in the moment. Check in. Ask yourself how will you feel if you eat or drink that? Is it worth it? Is it worth backtracking on your health and wellness? Do you really want to set up the possibility of spending the rest of the weekend binging tv because you're too lethargic to do anything else?

Be compassionate and forgiving to yourself if you do overindulge. We’re all human and we all make mistakes sometimes. It’s okay. It’s also information for the next time you're tempted. How do you feel? Tired? Lazy? Achy? Difficulty sleeping? Digestive problems? It can be used as data the next time you’re at a party and there are countless desserts and beverages flowing. Again you can stop as the temptation rises and check in. When I ate dessert at the party last week I felt…

Ask for support. If you have a therapist or coach, keep your appointments during this season. For many it is helpful to have an accountability partner. You can check in regularly to support each other in making healthy choices.

Keep self-care practices in your schedule. Those tend to be the first things people let go of during this time.

I’m here to assist you in keeping your body in balance with acupuncture, health coaching, wellness classes, etc. during this time. Treat your body, mind, and spirit with love and compassion. You are worth it!

from Nov 4, 2021

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