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Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow! The month of November is flying by! Somehow I'm surprised that Thanksgiving is just two days away! It's a perfect time of year to be in a state of gratitude. As you celebrate (or not) Thanksgiving, it is an ideal time to practice being thankful. Being thankful for the wonderful (and challenging) people we have in our lives. Being thankful of nature - of plants and animals, minerals, water. Being thankful of the things we tend to take for granted. Gratitude releases "feel good" hormones, helps transmute stress hormones, and creates new circuits in the brain to have more joy in your life. Gratitude improves physical health, mental health and opens the door to feeling connected to the world Give it a try and let me know how it changes your life.

Advice I've been giving to people as we enter the season of overindulging in sweets, alcohol, and quantities of food is FRONT LOAD. Front load by eating A LOT of vegetables before the simple carbohydrates. Front load by being hydrated before the cocktails and then drink one to two glasses of water between each drink. And be kind to yourself, especially if you do overindulge. We all do it at one time or another. Beating yourself up actually tends to lead to more overindulgence. Compassion for yourself tends to lead to healthier choices. *************************************************************************** I'm grateful that you all are a part of my life. THANK YOU!!!

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