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Happy Spring!

I was joking with a client the other day….that the root of all evil is … inflammatory foods.

While I was making a joke, afterwards I pondered if there is truth in that?

From a Chinese medicine perspective, there is. The Chinese medical theory states that we are body, mind and spirit. Whatever we put into our body (and mind and spirit) is what we create in our lives.

Over the years I have witnessed people having significant attachments to their comfort foods - whatever they are (cookies, pasta, bread, candy, alcohol, coffee, etc,) When I talk about removing them from the diet while we’re focusing on healing, many people go straight into resistance. “I’m unwilling to give this up” “It’s too much work” “I don’t see why that’s necessary” and so on.

This often shows me there’s an emotional/spiritual component that people don’t want to look at yet. Why IS it that one’s choice of inflammatory food/beverage IS more important THAN healing?

The bigger question I encourage us all to look at, is what does being attached to that food/beverage help us to hide from? What scary belief system is underneath? Many of us have lingering belief systems that we’re not worthy, lovable, good enough, based on experiences from the earlier times in our lives when our minds were forming how we look at the world.

What could open up for you if you let yourself focus on healing THAT aspect of your being?

There’s no absolutes and no right or wrong. There is an opportunity to do a deeper healing around the emotional and spiritual attachment to food. This is always a part of why our systems are “unhealthy.”

Today is the first day of spring - the vernal equinox - which symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings. Today I choose to look at healing what's underneath my attachment to potato chips.

To assist your body, mind and spirit in new beginnings feel your feet connect with the earth. Straighten your spine and breathe deep into the belly. Let yourself quiet your mind by focusing on your breath. Let sensations rise up in your body, let yourself feel them and pass through you. As you feel the mind become more still, ask yourself what is your attachment to _____ REALLY about. Let the mind be quiet so the answer can come to you.

This is a helpful meditation to uncover the attachments we have to foods or any self-limiting beliefs and behaviors.

In this time of new beginning, what are the seeds of health and wellness you’d like to plant for yourself?

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