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Happy New Year 2023!

Happy New Year 2023!

As we’re in the middle of the Gregorian Calendar New Year and Asian Lunar New Year, it feels like a great time to celebrate the New Year with you.

First, I’m excited to share that I’m rebranding. My new business name is Life In Flow. This came to me last fall and I’ve been working behind the senses for the last few months.

My new website is and new email address is

More changes are coming, but this is my entry into 2023.


From Asian Lunar New Year symbolism, 2023 is the year of the Yin Water Rabbit. The Rabbit represents growth, prosperity, and expanding energy. It is seen as a time for humans to open up and see what their authentic self (soul) truly desires.

Rabbit energy supports us by enhancing our ability to maneuver around obstacles that arise. It is a time to release old unhealthy patterns and belief systems - be it of the body, mind, and/or spirit. It is a time to tap into our strategic qualities aligned with our spirit. It is a great time to put a plan into action, with discernment of when to act and when to rest, as the rabbit energy lives life in balance between activity and rest.

The energy of water is to flow and accept changes. The water of energy is also about emotions, and many will experience heightened emotions. If emotions are running high, it’s helpful to ground yourself - stop, plant your feet on the ground and deep, belly breathe.

The energy of yin is gentleness, softness, and accessing your spiritual connection. It holds the space to quiet the mind.

What does this mean for your health? Watch the emotions. Heightened emotions, especially irritability and frustration can attack the digestive system and interrupt sleep. Use your tools for feeling your feelings so they may flow through you, not attack your health. Eat healthy foods and be mindful to not overindulge. Start a daily meditation and Qigong practice. These are ideal ways to keep the body, mind and spirit in balance. Practice good sleep hygiene so that you’re setting yourself up for great quality sleep.

I’m here to support you in your health goals for this year. Be it health of the body, mind and/or spirit, Chinese medicine has tried and true options.

What are your dreams you’d like to have manifest in 2023? It’s an ideal time to put them into action!


For 2023 I’m offering one complimentary Qigong Energy Healing session to every patient during the month of their birthday. January birthdays…I’ll extend the offer through the first week of February. Let yourself experience energy healing without needles. Call or text me to book your appointment.

Happy New Year, everybody. I look forward to supporting you with your health needs!

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