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Fall Breeze & Autumn Leaves

In Chinese Medical theory, the lungs and large intestines are the organs associated with Fall.

The nose is the opening to the lungs. You can prevent colds by keeping your nose and sinuses clean and clear. Reducing, or better yet, removing cold and raw foods, dairy, sugar, wheat, corn, soy, and processed foods is important as they create much more mucus in the body. Using a neti pot daily helps rid your nose of excess mucus.

Eat healthy fall foods - it’s time to let go of the raw foods of summer. It’s time for grilled veggies and proteins, soups, stews, and stir-frys. Winter squash, broccoli, kale, brussel sprouts, apples, pears, leeks, horseradish, onion and garlic are great foods to nourish the body and balance out the cold foods of summer. Pungent spices such as cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, ginger, and anise helps clear out lung congestion and help with digestion.

The Lung is associated with the emotion of letting go. Just like the trees let go of their leaves, Fall is a time for you to shed what no longer serves you. What are physical and emotional things in your life that would behoove you to let go of? If letting go is a struggle for you, Chinese medicine (acupuncture, Qigong and BreathWork) are fabulous tools to assist in releasing physical and emotional issues.

The Large Intestine is also associated with letting go. If your digestion is stagnant, Chinese medicine helps!

Allow yourself to do grief work. Many people are afraid of feeling anything but happy. Grief is a normal emotion and it’s healthy to let yourself cry when you’re sad about something and/or have experienced a great loss. When you allow yourself to feel the grief, the emotion runs through you. When you bottle it up, it can stagnate your Qi flow, get lodged somewhere in your body, and, with time, can turn to illness.

Autumn can be a dry time of year. Make sure to stay hydrated internally and externally. Drink warm water with lemon and honey. Have a humidifier in the bedroom, and keep your skin nourished with salves and balms.

Protect your neck. In Chinese medicinal theory. they state that “wind” enters the body at the back of the neck leaving the body to be susceptible to conditions that develop quickly (like colds and flus). The Western definition would be that getting wind on the neck adversely affects the nervous system, allowing the viruses to enter the body.

Practice deep breathing, which oxygenates the whole body, helps the nervous system decompress to release stress, assists with clearer thinking, contributes to a stronger immune system, and uplifts the spirit.

And, of course, one of my favorites is Qigong. A daily Qigong practice is known to increase vitality, prevent disease, balance the emotions and create the space for wellness.

Treat your body, mind and spirit well this Fall. You’ll be glad you did!

from Oct 6., 2021

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